Alignment Is The New Hustle

My Essential SOULutions™

Hello beautiful. I’m Ms. Marisha, The ZENtertainer™ and I offer Essential SOULutions™ to help people return home - to harmony - when life presents unpredictable obstacles. Like the lessons I learned from “the cactus” after moving to Phoenix in 2017, my live wellness experiences, book, and meaningful media are but a few of the ways I strive to remind you to:

Be Patient In Dry Spells

Surrender, the Essential SOULution™ to restore clarity and inspired action. Allow me to guide you and your group back home, to harmony. Click the “Just Breathe” link to discover more on my group wellness experiences and mindful apparel.

Prepare For Your Time To Bloom

Everything can be all good until it isn’t. Then what? You must learn to accept your life just as it is in the present moment. From my ``mid-20s life crisis,`` I learned life is NOT about avoiding ``the detours,`` but understanding every story of adversity harbors invaluable assets waiting to be discovered for both your individual growth and to move humanity forward. Click the “Read This” link to claim your copy of my book today!

Highlight Your Strong Points

When adversity arises in our lives, many of us are ill-equipped to combat and adapt or simply manage those circumstances in a healthier way. Given this reality, my Feel, Write & Heal™ storytelling series will offer Essential SOULutions™ including my 4-Key Shifts Framework which facilitates the cognitive reappraisal process. Click the “Enroll Now” link to learn more and register your team (or yourself) in one of my storytelling series today!

who is the


/ zĕn ● tER ● tāy ● nER / [noun]

Ms. Marisha, The ZENtertainer™ honest friend, intuitive leader, and creative teacher who audaciously lives her life with a commitment to share her Essential SOULutions™ designed to guide humanity back home - to harmony.

A leading, inspirational voice on artfully managing mayhem in our work, home and social lives.

The self-care enthusiast with a knack for experiential storytelling in the form of speaking, writing, music, movement, making meaningful media, and coordinating interactive community experiences.

A radiant spirit who embraces her duality; a beautiful blend of Zen and zest

My Mission

I’m on a mission to teach conscious brands and their teams to integrate Essential SOULutions™ that enhance well-being, restore clarity, create community connection, and foster inspired action. I am passionate about this because our 21st century lifestyle has increased our individual and collective confrontation with division and chaos, but has not provided a real strategy to educate or equip us with tools and practices to revive our connection to self and one another or how to combat and adapt, or simply manage these stressful times in a healthy way. In order to move humanity forward, THIS MUST be a top priority. This is my mission.

My Story

Not only am I a witness to the individual and collective damage experienced when there are no coping strategies in place during times of change, challenge, and chaos, I have also personally lived through this harmful existence. Watch “Bloody Mari,” an experience that changed the trajectory of my life. Then tune in to my new narrative, “It Still Takes A Village” which profoundly influences my professional work as the ZENtertainer™ and why I’m committed to return people back home - to harmony. You can also claim a copy of my double-sided book for more of my journey. But there’s more! With my book, you can uncover how to turn your adversities into assets and create (and live) a new story of your own. Crumbling Walls is more than a book of short stories, monologues, and poems about my life. I’ve included thought-prompts using my 4-Key Shifts framework for your reflection (and navigation around) universal life themes that often present unpredictable obstacles for each of us.

Conscious Brands I’ve Worked With