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As an Educational Consultant, I specialize in three areas which serve as my Pillars of Service. Click each Pillar of Service , directly on the corresponding projects, and explore more project details by clicking the links below.

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Meet Ms. Marisha

I believe this very moment in humanity has created an opportunity for us all to be more introspective and consider the old saying, ‘It Takes A Village.’ Beyond reflection though, it is imperative we explore and make this a deliberate practice to re-envision the future of community – in our work, home, and social lives.  A future where communities are created with a central intention: to explore ‘SOULutions’ that promote and protect the wellbeing of all people.

As society becomes more complex – from grappling with the uncertainties around COVID-19, remote work, being bombarded by negativity as our current state of social and other crisis is amplified through various media outlets among other woes of the world – I predict it will be the conscious brands and creative leaders of “the village” who will mobilize these communities, prepare them to adapt to our “new normal,” and together, reveal new perspectives that pilot fresh possibilities for improved wellbeing and impact in this world. As an educational consultant, that is my core intention:

To continue to research and share ‘SOULutions’  I’ve believe create a meaningful impact in how education is delivered and received to advance human potential. Additionally, I coordinate strategic collaborations with conscious brands, their teams, and communities to curate experiences and resources that foster essential life skills – particularly “skills and drills’ to combat and adapt to uncertainties in life.

I have an unmatched knack for listening intently and reflecting regularly. These essential skills have allowed me to serve as a guiding force in imagining and improving opportunities for individuals, families, schools, communities, and corporate teams.

I have over 20 years of experience in a variety of educational capacities across the country, including:

  • serving on administrative teams,
  • building out and spearheading programs that support community initiatives,
  • launching an international vocational academy in a new region by building strategic relationships with industry leaders and subject matter experts from a variety of fields,
  • teaching in an array of classroom settings including Montessori, Pre-K, elementary, and up to the university level,
  • supporting individuals as their executive matchmaker and life coach,
  • directing thought-provoking media projects,
  • hosting entertaining interviews with world-renowned authors, TV personalities and more,
  • organizing educational and social events that received recognition from members of  the California State Senate/Legislature, as well as
  • facilitating presentations on everything from career readiness to corporate trainings on mental health and stress management.

My professional background and personal aspirations are diverse, but curating ‘SOULutions’ and community experiences as an avenue for people to manifest their highest selves is the common thread sewing all of my life’s work into one powerful mission.

For my new chapter, I intend to exclusively align with conscious brands and creative leaders prepared to explore opportunities that deliberately create more social and planetary innovations. If you represent a conscious brand or you’re a creative leader seeking ‘SOULutions’ to consciously construct life reimagined for your community, let’s connect and discuss how we can work together!

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Marisha obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Social Services, Psychology and Spanish from the University of California at Davis and a Masters in Educational Leadership. In addition to her creative wellness and educational consulting initiatives, Ms. Marisha serves as a Faculty Associate for the Arizona State University Integrative Health Initiative in Downtown Phoenix, Arizona.