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“We live in a society obsessed with success and we expect to get from ideation to manifestation while hoping to avoid life’s inevitable messiness. This behavior and mentality doesn’t adequately equip us to handle the ‘unexpected detours’ on the road to success – in any area of life. My work as the RelationSHIFT™ Coach teaches emerging leaders to rethink, discuss, embrace and overcome obstacles and failure in work, love, and life.”

Interview & Speaking Topics:

Turn your next event into an unforgettable experience. Fusing inspirational speaking with creative writing and performance, I ensure the message you wish to share with your audience is more memorable. Whether you’re seeking a speaker to inspire a group of student athletes transitioning from the locker room to the boardroom, hosting a conference to empower women to know that they are enough, rallying the community to share your story and fundraise for you cause, or an executive looking to engage your team in a new workplace wellness initiative, my personalized, poetic presentations are sure to make your event top of mind long after audiences have returned to their “regularly scheduled program.”


How to overcome fear of failure


How to turn adversities into assets


How students, athletes or emerging leaders in transition can use their identity capital to explore and secure new opportunities


How to beat burnout and live happily ever after


How to prioritize wellness SOULutions in the workplace

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